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Lebanese Business Council - Dubai & Northern Emirates

Lebanese Business Council has been established in 1996 and his goal is to link Lebanon and the UAE to each other in all aspects of trade, economics and culture. To implement this goal, the council committed to create an interactive environment and network for the Lebanese businessmen and professionals to secure better businesses. The council also works hard to build closer relationships between Lebanon and UAE and organizes many events and activities to reflect the true image of the Lebanese life.

In addition, the council founded a database of investment in the two countries in collaboration with the official departments and contributed in exchanging experiences and information. The council also provides employment opportunities for the Lebanese youth and facilities in the UAE with specialists. The council's role expand beyond the economic activities and includes charity and humanitarian activities by providing social assistance to local or Lebanese institutions or individual homes in need.

In keeping with the continued social harmony, the council encourages the mutual of tourism and cultural activities between the two countries, and continuously works towards enhancing relationships between the Lebanese and the Emirate people.

Council's structure:

The general authority elects the management board consisting of 12 members for 2 years term. This board is responsible of planning and executing the council's work programs. For this year, a new management board was elected consisting of:

Mr. Charles Jeha    President
Dr. Kamel Morkos    Vice President
Mr. Amin Jarouch    Secretary General
Mr. Mithkal Atallah    Treasurer
Dr. Adnan Kaddaha    Board Member
Mr. Ziad Soubra    Board Member
Mr. Ahmed Khaled    Board Member
Mr. Adonis Kanaan    Board Member
Mr. Nazih Hamad    Board Member
Mr. Souheil Hatoum    Board Member
Mr. Christian Gregorovitch    Board Member
Mr. Tony Afram    Board Member

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